Caption: A thrilled Bonisa Ntsile (right), Principal of Bonisa Educare Centre, takes receipt of 60 tables, 10 chairs and a fridge for the youngsters who attend her centre. No longer will they need to learn their lessons on the floor, or have spoiled food, thanks to the generous delivery by Bill Meyer (left), from the Rotary Club of Newlands.
Six years ago, Bonisa Ntsile set out to fulfil her dream of running an Educare Centre in Lower Cross Roads in Philippi. The dream was to create a safe environment for youngsters during the day while their parents are at work, and at the same time getting a good start on the road to education.
“We started in a shack next to my house with 14 children,” recalls Ntsile. “By the end of that year, we had grown to 40, so it was time to move to new premises.
“Today the Bonisa Educare Centre consists of two classrooms, a nursery and a kitchen, we cater for over 80 children,” says Ntsile proudly.
“In an area where unemployment is high, the school fees paid don’t stretch to cover all the running costs of the centre. We identified a need to make Bonisa’s daily teaching a bit easier, by donating tables and chairs for the little ones to sit at while learning their lessons,” says Bill Meyer from the Rotary Club of Newlands. “In this way, the much needed funding can rather be spent on running costs, teachers’ salaries and food,” adds Meyer.
“We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of the Rotary Club of Newlands, not only for the donation but for the fact that people do care about this little Educare Centre in Cape Town. This is a place where giving a little means a lot,” adds Ntsile.
Five of the centre’s helpers attend college for a day a week each, studying for their qualification in early childhood development. 
The centre is in the process of becoming a registered Educare Centre, but until such time, every Rand needs to be stretched as far as possible. 
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