Women are achieving so much on the international, local, political and economic stage, but are the next generation ready to step up to the plate? The young women of today have so much potential, but they are struggling to get the necessary support and resources to help them tackle their challenges. Too often there is very limited financial and emotional support for everyone who needs it. The Rotary Club of Newlands recognises this need, and is passionate about recognising, supporting and investing in young talent through their youth development and sponsorship programme.
“We do not focus specially on gender, race or vocation; but aim to support all young people from disadvantaged background who have potential. About 50% of our bursary students are women and we are very proud of their achievements”, says Christine Wilke from the Rotary Club of Newlands.
Kelly Luke, a young single mom from Grassy Park was working as a teacher assistant at the Vera School for Autistic Children. The Vice Principle, Keristan Floris, saw her willingness to walk the extra mile and realised what she was capable of and supported her application for a Rotary Club of Newlands’ bursary. Luke who is now doing her second year, Bachelors of Education- Foundation Phase, at Unisa, and passing her subjects with distinctions says, “I am humbled to be given this opportunity, and look forward to reaching my dream of becoming a dedicated teacher one day.” Luke believes in given back and is now getting involved in Rotaract, the youth community programme of Rotary.
Michaela Scholtz, from Rugby, near Sable Square is the Rotary Club of Newlands’ youngest bursary student. Scholtz went to Buren High School Ysterplaat where she was involved in Interact, the scholar programme of Rotary. Her academic and leadership ability so inspired the Rotarians, involved with her school, that they nominated her for a bursary. She was first in her grade for four years and received the Service to the Community Award. Scholtz is now studying Bachelors of Commerce at the University of the Western Cape (UWC).  “My ten year goal is to join Rotary and use my qualification to start a programme that will educate people on how to overcome barriers and disabilities,” says Scholtz.
“Receiving a bursary is an honour to us all, however, receiving one from an organisation that does so much for the community is even more honouring. The value of this bursary is much more than the price tag, it means that someone thought you were deserving enough to take a chance on you. The opportunity that I received is an honour and I am very appreciative of it,” adds Scholtz.
Do you know a talented individual that needs support? Rotary provides opportunities for you to invest in yourself, your children or your partner.