Waiting for a very important meeting. These teddy bears generously donated by the Rotary Club of Newlands are patiently waiting to meet their new friends in the Red Cross Children’s Hospital burns and breathing disorders ward.
Earlier this month the Rotary Club of Newlands handed over teddy bears to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital. These are not just any teddy bears; they were lovingly knitted by volunteers in George and Cape Town and donated to the Candice Molzen Foundation. Funds generated from the sales of these teddy bears are used to educate disadvantaged young children.
These teddy bears were donated to the burns and breathing disorder units of the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.
Rotarian Andy Ismay says, “It was a moving experience giving a teddy bear to each of the children who were either suffering from major burns or breathing difficulties, but also to see the amazing dedication and passion of the doctors and nursing staff.”
When each burns’ unit patient is discharged they receive a present, which is often a teddy bear. Teddy bears are also used to demonstrate a tracheotomy to a child who is to undergo such a procedure to make the experience less daunting.  This eases the anxiety of the child. The teddies are really put to good use.