16 APRIL 2018
Thank you to all Newlands members and their partners who joined us for our annual Vocational Awards this past Monday. It was wonderful to hear from our bursary students who are all doing extremely well with their studies and many of whom expressed the intention to use their skills to benefit their local communities as soon as they graduate.
Below are photos of our three Vocational Award winners and more photos are available on Facebook here.
Wishing all our members an abundant week!
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Principal of Steenberg High School, Andre Kraak, receives his vocational award from Lew Botha.
Founder of Quirky 30, Sihle Tshabalala, receives his Vocational Award from Regine le Roux.
President Graham Findlayson presents Maggie Golding with a Paul Harris Sapphire pin.
As mentioned in the Howzat last week, the Rotary Club of Newlands is collecting items for The Zoe Project in celebration of Maternal and Child Health Month. These items will be used to pack much needed Mom and Baby Boxes.
Items Needed for Mom PacksToothbrush, toothpaste, panties (medium size), deodorant
Items Needed for Mom Packs: Baby grows (newborn or 0-3mths), Vests (newborn or 0-3mths), baby wash, bum cream, baby lotion (no earbuds, powder, dummies or soap please)
Please bring these items along to the next meeting.

Each year, Rotary selects up to 100 professionals from around the world to receive fellowships to study at one of our peace centers.

Through academic training, practice, and global networking opportunities, the Rotary Peace Centers program develops leaders who become catalysts for peace and conflict prevention and resolution. These fellowships cover tuition and fees, room and board, round-trip transportation, and all internship and field-study expenses.
In just over a decade, the Rotary Peace Centers have trained more than 1,000 fellows for careers in peacebuilding. Many of them are serving as leaders at international organizations or have started their own foundations.

Each year, the Rotary Foundation awards up to 50 fellowships for master’s degrees and 50 for certificate studies at premier universities around the world.

  • Master’s degree programs: Last 15 to 24 months and require a practical internship of two to three months during the academic break.
  • Professional development certificate program: For experienced professionals and lasts three months with two to three weeks of field study.
Anyone wishing to put forward a Peace Fellowship Applicant is asked to contact Mike Walwyn as soon as possible. Closing date for applications to Rotary International is 1 July 2018.
Good Morning Mr Adrienne 
We at Help To Care just want to thank you for helping us get the books. The children are so excited as we will start the programme for the 2nd term again tomorrow. Thanks again and may god bless you always. See the attached photos of the books 
Your Sincerely 
Austin Steyn and Help To Care Staff
If you cannot do your job on the day, please find someone who can do it instead of you, then contact the Sergeant on the day to update the roster. Please don't leave this until the Monday afternoon – let the Sergeant know in advance if you have not been able to arrange a swap. If you are going to be away for particular future meetings let Shelley Finch know.
Apr 16, 2018
Working on the first Moon Landing with Buzz Aldrin
Apr 30, 2018
Amateur apiarist
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Hamba kahle.

“My Husband,

I can only hope that the guards do not completely destroy this letter. I have recently been released from Pretoria central prison. They called me a terrorist Nelson; I was only doing my job and speaking on behalf of the ANC. They kept me in solitary confinement for a year but I never stopped thinking about you and our girls each day while I was in there. I knew that the girls were safe away at boarding school but still I constantly worried about you.

In prison, they treated me like an animal Nelson, they tortured and humiliated me. Those first few days are the worst in anyone's life - that uncertainty, that insecurity. The whole thing is calculated to destroy you. [I was] not in touch with anybody. And in those days all I had in the cell was a sanitary bucket, a plastic bottle which could contain only about three glasses of water and a mug. The days and nights became so long I found I was talking to myself. [My] body [became] sore, because [I was] not used to sleeping on cement. I know that your conditions at Robben Island are not much better but my days in jail only made me stronger.

I want to fight Nelson; I want to free our people from the white government. The police continue to harass me all the time. Each day, I wonder if I will able to return home to see our girls. Nelson, your daughters live in fear each day. They have already lost the presence of their father; they cannot lose me as well. Even though Zinzi is a year younger than Zenani, she has really taken over my role as the mother of the house. Our girls have your heart, especially Zinzi, she talks about wanting to bring about change and fight for your freedom and for our people. I don't know how our girls have continued to be so strong, especially while both of us were locked away.

They no longer allow to continue my duties as a social worker, so I am only focused on my role in the ANC. My love, we are so lucky to be blessed with friends and neighbours who are helping us during this difficult time. How do the police expect me to feed our girls with no income? I am just thankful for the help from our people.

Nelson, I have had such little time to love you. But our love has survived all these years of separation so far. I long for you all the time. When I do get to have visits with you, I can only touch your hand. I want to kiss you; I want to be able to converse with you without hearing the white guards shout "Politics" to cut off our conversations. I want to watch you be a father to our children. But most of all Nelson, I want to fight. I want to hurt the white man, the filth and disgust that they have put us and our people through. They must pay for everything that they have done. You were right when you said "I had married trouble" because trouble is what I am going to give them. I will continue to fight each day for our people.

Until I see you again my love.


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Ave De Mist, Rondebosch, Cape Town
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